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Classic Psalms

CD Cover Classic Psalms is a compilation of classical-style arrangements that are based on tunes taken from the 1912 version of the Psalter. Classic Psalms showcases music that is traditional, yet highlights innovative composition.

  1. Longing for Revival | Psalter 221
    Original Tune: Caritas, composed by Adoniram J. Gordon
  2. Reliance and Supplication | Psalter 391
    Original Tune: Lynton, composed by Arthur J. Jamouneau
  3. Adoration and Submission | Psalter 255
    Original Tune: Love Divine, composed by John Zundel
  4. Prayer for Pardon and Cleansing | Psalter 143
    Original Tune: Vox Dilecti, composed by John B. Dykes
  5. Satisfaction in God | Psalter 163
    Original Tune: The Green Hill, composed by George C. Stebbins
  6. Trust and Praise | Psalter 400
    Original Tune: Brocklesbury, composed by Charlotte A. Barnard
  7. O Lord of Hosts, How Lovely | Psalm 227
    Original Tune: St. Edith, composed by Justin H Knecht & Edward Husband
  8. The Good Shepherd | Psalter 55
    Original Tune: Ewing, composed by Alexander Ewing
  9. Fellowship with God | Psalter 28
    Original Tune: Maitland, composed by George N. Allen
  10. Forth from Thy Courts, Thy Sacred Dwelling | Psalter 419
    Original Tune: Zion's Praise, composed by L. Bougeois
  11. Unto God Our Saviour, Sing a Joyful Song | Psalter 262
    Original Tune: Repose, anonymous composer
  12. Penitential Grief and Supplication | Psalter 102
    Original Tune: St. Sylvester, composed by John B. Dykes
  13. The Lord's Prayer | Psalter 434
    Original tune composed by Rev. John A. Heys

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